About Us

Who We Are

Windsor Essex Seniors Kids Programs (WESKP) is a not for profit organization founded in 2018, by retired school teacher Val Houston, as a means of bringing the SKIP Program to the Windsor area.  WESKP provides the SKIP program acting as a liason between schools and nursing home facilities enabling them to meet monthly by organizing transportation. In the fall,

WESKP organizes and provides orientation sessions for classes involved in SKIP to ensure quality programming during the year.

What We Do

Beginning with the 2018-19 school year, the SKIP program has been available in Windsor - WESKP is licensed to operate the SKIP program in the Windsor and surrounding area. 

With great community partners we were able to send fifteen classes to fourteen nursing care facilitie in the region. 


In this year 2020, over 400 students participate in our school based Intergenerational programs. We touch a similar number of adults through our community based program. 

We are able to stay the course with donated transportation costs for the 2020-21 school year.

What They Are Saying

WESKP has received positive feedback for this programming. A senior resident commented “The kids are fabulous. The old people have a lot to learn from children just like the children have a lot to learn from us.” A grade two student said “I get to make friends and also play with them. It’s like they’re my best friends, part of my family!"

GECDSB Student Success

The Greater Essex County Disctrict School Board's partnership with the Windsor Seniors and Kids Intergenerational Program (SKIP) is providing students with exceptional community connected experiential learning opportunities. 


Julia - Grade 3 Student

  "We had so much in common. They loved to colour and play cards and those are things I like to do too! I just loved going and hanging out with my grand pals! One of my grandpals named Audrey and I made a really great bond."


Denise - Grade 3 Teacher

"The SKIP program is invaluable because it teaches our students about the importance of compassion and empathy and reinforces for our senior population that their wisdom and life experiences are valued."

Our Community Partners


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 We bring together different generations in ongoing, mutually beneficial planned activities. Through these programs both young and old share their talents, supporting each other in relationships that benefit both groups and the community.

We partner with donors to offer these programs to our students and seniors free of charge.